Single-use live sampling forceps

This product is made of medical stainless steel,the head is wellpolished. the surface is smooth, avoid damage clamp way.

Non-absorbable line surgical sutures

Widely used in surgery and cosmetic surgery and other medical places

Non-absorbable surgical sutures (with needle)

If the wound is red, swollen, hot, painful and other obvious infections after surgery, the stitches should be removed earlier. In case of the following conditions, the removal of stitches should be delayed.

Single-use nebulizer

This product is used with oxygen supply system forclinical atomizing inhalation.

Single-use soft tissue clips

It can be opened and closed repeatedly and rotated synchronously to precisely align the lesion and avoid misuse.

Non-absorbable Row Surgical Sutures - Silk Braid

Widely used in surgery and cosmetic surgery and other medical places

Single-use cleaning brush

Handle comfortable shape, the middle of the round hole design, the use of labor-saving and convenient.

Disposable skin sutures and staple removers

The product has simple and convenient operation, fast suture speed, easy alignment of the wound, shortening the operation time, reducing patient bleeding, improving the quality of suture

Single-use cervical sampler

The product is used for clinical cervical sampling and smearing.

Single-use mouth pads

For Oral Surgery or examination to maintain the patient'sopen state, to prevent unintended occlusion.

Single-use endoscopic injection needle

The unique process treatment ensures the sharpness of the needle tip, which makes puncture more convenient and accurate, and multiple choices of needle tip length to ensure the practicality of surgery.

Single-use cell brush

One piece brush head process, to ensure that the bristles do not fall off; bristles are moderately soft and hard, in and out freely, can easily brush the tissue.
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